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In 2021, it was reported that the online betting and gambling market was worth $61.5 billion. One of the most popular games in gambling is online roulette, but what are some tips and tricks for winning roulette in a live casino?

Live casino and Online Roulette

Whether you are new to gambling or you have been gambling for years, it’s always important that you know the best ways to win!

After all, there are so many different online casino games out there and some of them are easier to play than others. Whatever live casino online game that you choose, you should be sure that you put yourself in the best position to take home the prize money.

If you would like to learn some of our top tips and strategies for winning at online roulette, then keep reading!

Know Your Odds in a Live Casino

The first tip that we can give you for online roulette is to know your odds. Odds are super important as they let you know what your chances are of winning at any given moment within a roulette game.

You want to try and get your odds as much in your favour as possible to reduce your risk of losing. If you know your odds then you can calculate how much you can expect to be paid if you win which can help a lot. 

Unfortunately, winning is not always possible so you have to judge times when you want to bet more and times when you want to bet less. Either way, make sure you know your odds and play to win!

1. Make Outside Bets

One of the strategies that not every bettor uses on roulette is to make outside bets. While it’s easy to just go for the biggest winning prizes, outside bets can still allow you to win. 

This is because these bets are considered safer because of their odds, so therefore the chances of you winning are higher. Some bettors will only place outside bets and then start maximizing the profits that they make.

Making outside bets is a more consistent way to win at roulette and it is something every bettor should consider. Of course, you don’t have to constantly place outside bets, however, if you mix it in with some inside betting it can help to reduce your downside. 

2. Make Low and High Bets 

Another good tip for winning more on roulette on live casinos is to make both low and high bets. This can help you to reduce your downside as you are covering both outcomes.

While you may not always be able to get every bet right, knowing that you have made both a high and a low bet can offer you a 50/50 chance of winning.

Many people find that this way of betting can be beneficial for them as it helps them to win more consistently.

It is worth knowing that generally, these bets won’t have the biggest returns as there isn’t as much risk involved. This is why they aren’t considered a high-risk high-reward bet.

3. Stay Away From Number Bets 

One of the hardest bets to win on roulette is the number bet. This is because the odds of winning are a lot lower and they aren’t always in the favor of the better.

While they do offer bigger payouts, you can risk losing money when doing number bets. The truth is that number bets are less predictable and you only have up to a 37 to 1 chance of winning.

Also, when people lose, many of them feel the need to place more number bets. This can be an easy way to lose at roulette and leave all live casino with empty pockets. 

4. Learn Online Roulette for Free

Another tip for winning more on roulette is to learn about how roulette works. This means spending more time studying the table and learning the best strategies to win.

A great way to do this is by using free bets. With all of the different live casinos that are available, many of them offer free bets. 

This can allow you to learn more about roulette without spending your own money. With some betting services, you may be able to win cash prizes even if you are making a free bet.

You can also learn about all of the different types of bets that you can place with free betting. This means that whenever it comes to playing roulette with your money you will be much more prepared and you will make better betting decisions. 

5. Combine Bets

Combining bets is a great way to create bigger winnings on roulette. When you combine bets it increases the payout that you can potentially get.

However, when you use combined bets, the amount that you can win from any individual bets that you have placed can decrease.

The great thing about this style of betting is that it offers you a chance to place multiple bets that you think have a high probability of winning.

The amount of bets that you can combine depends on the betting service that you use. Also, even if you don’t win every individual bet within your combined bet, you may still collect winnings or even get your refund back. 

Get Started With Roulette on Live Casino

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